Customer is King!

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Consistency is product quality, innovation, creativity and uniqueness of presentation, keeping production updated with evolving trends in the industry and delivering...

Tea is our Sacred Art

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For the tea tasters in our state-of-the-art Aroma Ceylon factory, blending tea is a pure holistic art form. It is a sacred ritual performed with passion, resolve...

Spice up Life!

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In this paradise isle Aroma Ceylon is equally proud of our unrivalled Spice gardens. We have access to the best quality spices Ceylon produces. Aroma Ceylon is unique...


Aroma Ceylon Story….

Aroma Ceylon was established with firing inspirations and clear strategies, to export 100% pure Ceylon tea and spices. Based on the importance of value added products and the significance product branding.

The head of Aroma Ceylon Mr. Wazeer Mukthar has a clear vision, led by confidence born of 12 years of solid hands-on know how as head of tea exports at the successful family commodity exports business, Lanka Guardian Commodities (pvt) Ltd, a wholesale supplier offering the convenience of a single sourcing point to obtain high quality Ceylon tea and local produce which was established in Sri Lanka

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